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ANZTLA Pettee Additions Database

The ANZTLA Pettee Additions Database was commissioned by the ANZTLA Pettee Collective in 2022 to house new and revised classification numbers, created and authorised by the collective for use in addition to the Pettee Classification System.

For inquiries regarding the Pettee Collective, contact Melanie Hechenberger through the general ANZTLA contact form here.

Using the database

  • Jump to a single letter or search for a specific term using the respective search boxes.

  • Clear search boxes and click 'Search' to reset the database and show all Pettee numbers available.

  • Use the 'Sort by' function on the top right-hand side of the database to sort alphabetically or by date.

  • Use the arrows on the bottom right-hand side of the database to navigate between pages.

  • For the option to download new numbers or all numbers as a .csv or .pdf file, see section on 'Downloadable formats' below.

Downloadable formats:


To download all numbers as a .csv file, click the Download Data button below the search boxes.


Download all numbers as printable insert (.doc file):

ANZTLA Pettee Additions (All) - version 1, updated 13 Oct 2022.doc

Download by date added:
ANZTLA Pettee Additions - numbers added 13 Oct 2022.doc

Download Data
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